Soccer Training

Soccer Specific Agility Drills and Speed Training

Soccer is a game of fast bursts of speed and quick movements and changes of direction. The best soccer players dominate the game not only because of their incredible passing and shooting skills but also because of the ability they have to create space for themselves by using their elite agility.

Fortunately, everyone can improve their agility by using the best soccer agility drills. 

What is the purpose of utilizing soccer agility drills?

To improve each player:

  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Ability to change direction
  • Accelerating and Decelerating
  • Foot quickness
  • Body control
  • Quickness

These are all important skills that every player must master if they want to play soccer at an elite level. In fact, these soccer agility drills will even help you prevent injury by training players to move with the right techniques. Therefore, keep in mind to focus on using the correct techniques first. Only then, after you have mastered the techniques, you should be able to increase speed.

Wha’s the difference between agility, speed and quickness?


Ability to transition or change the movement, direction, quickly while maintaining your body balance and coordination. Cone drills are necessary for building this kind of skill.


Max velocity. This usually requires several seconds of straight running to get up to max speed. Thus, you have to run fast and straight to develop top speed.


Quickness is the ability to get to top speed in a short amount of time. Usually, in most sports, it is rare to get to top speed. Quickness and directional movements are the most common.

How to get the best results from your agility and speed training?

Here are some guidelines from Black Eagles to help you put together a balanced speed and agility training program.

  • Please before you start training, make sure you have completed a dynamic stretching warm-up.
  • The drills work best when you perform at full speed just like in a game situation. So work up to maxim intensity as soon as possible.
  • You’re not going to be effective if you are tired from strength training or practice. Make sure your body is fresh while doing your agility and speed training.
  • Fell free to move the cones closer or further regarding your needs for improvement. Cones that are spaced further can help you reach top speed, while closer cones will target agility.
  • Don’t over train.  3 sets of 2-3 drills are plenty if you’re going all out. Make sure to let your body recover by taking a rest day between your training sessions.

Soccer Agility Drills

Black Eagles will provide you with our top soccer agility drills for players that can be used to improve soccer skills.


Set-Up: 3 Cones, 5 yards apart in a straight line also called the 20-yard shuttle, this is one of the most popular drills to measure quickness and agility.

  1. Start by straddling Cone #1 with one hand by touching it.
  2. Sprint to cone #2.  Touch the cone with your right hand.
  3. Change direction and sprint to cone #3.  Touch that cone with your left hand.
  4. Sprint back through the starting Cone #1.
  5. Repeat in the opposite direction.


The X Drill is excellent for developing the change of direction. It helps to have quick feet and running at different angles. This is also a helpful drill for practicing quick transitions and developing faster reaction times.

Set-Up: 4 Cones, 5 yards apart in a square

  1. Start at cone #1.  Sprint to cone #2.
  2. Lateral shuffle across to cone #3.
  3. Pivot 45 degrees and cross over backwards to the next cone.
  4. Turn and sprint back to cone #1.
  5. Switch starting cone and repeat in the opposite direction.


The 3 cone L drill is one of the most popular agility tests. It combines to assess agility, balance, and change of direction.

Set-Up: 3 Cones. 5 yards apart in an L shape

  1. Start in a three-point stance and sprint to and touch Cone #2.
  2. Sprint back to and touch Cone #1.
  3. Sprint up and around Cone #2 toward the inside of Cone the next cone, #3.
  4. Turn around Cone #3, back around Cone #2 and passed Cone #1.
  5. Switch starting cone and repeat in the opposite direction.


W Drill develops acceleration, change of direction, and forward to backward movements.

Set-Up: 7 Cones. 5 yards apart in a zig-zag pattern

  1. Start at cone #1.  Sprint to cone #2.
  2. Plant with the outside foot.  Backpedal to cone #3.
  3. Sprint to cone #4.  Repeat until finished with all cones.
  4. Switch starting cone and repeat in the opposite direction.

Why Black Eagles Academy?

Black Eagles Academy offers a wide range of innovative, state of the art programs that meet all interests and playing skills/abilities of all players and teams. We focus on helping our players to achieve their long and short term goals soccer wise. We train our players to understand what it takes to be a professional soccer player and how they could be the future of soccer.

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