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Youth League and Adult Soccer Academy Near me

Understanding which youth soccer league and academy is best for you, in each age group is important. Please remember that we are speaking to a national audience, particularly for those who are located in Ontario, Mississauga. So we’re going to touch on most levels and group ages

Pass, shoot, score! Black Eagles Soccer Academy helps kids become not only better soccer players but better people as well. The Black Eagles soccer programs are progressive programs, with multiple age-specific levels. Players are taught basic game skills such as dribbling, passing, footwork, receiving and shooting.

What is your end goal in soccer?

If your overall goal is to make the high school team or play at the college level, then you don’t have to worry about what league. The age 10-12 time fame is massive when it comes to getting skills outside your team academy. Either private 1o1 or in a group. The large groups of 12+ make it harder to develop the skills outside of what they do with their team in the academy.

We have seen so many players at the age of 10 who playing rec and end up playing D1 college soccer or even as a true freshman. You must ask how did they do it? Well from age 10-14 they really worked hard on the technical skills, away from their soccer academy training. It’s not like they all did 1o1 private lessons, but they also do small group training once or twice a week for most of the year.

These same players continue to work with us, so they have the desire to improve their skills. The best thing is that they were always ready to compete at the highest level at age 15-16.

Rec soccer vs Academy soccer

Most of the players start their first years playing rec soccer. That’s because most of these families, don’t have a clue that there is a higher level of soccer called academy. The way people usually find out there is an academy is when the coaches of the club/academy want to recruit at the rec games. 

Academy soccer is where you pay for coaching fees and the practice – at least 1 or 2 extra practice per week. Rec soccer is once per week practice with one game on the weekends. This usually lasts 8-10 weeks.

Academy to select soccer group ages

This is when parents learn that academy soccer is no joke in terms of time commitment. There is a big difference from the best players to the players that have not yet come out of their shell. Due to natural athleticism, some kids age 7-10 you can tell that they will always play on the best teams and leagues. Then there are players who are straight athletes but lack skills. Last, the ones who have good skill training but are not the best athlete. 

In the end, it’s mostly about how much they really love the sport, how they can handle different coaching styles and how they are taught along the way.

Why Black Eagles Academy?

Black Eagles Academy offers a wide range of innovative, state of the art programs that meet all interests and playing skills/abilities of all players and teams. We focus on helping our players to achieve their long and short term goals soccer wise. We train our players to understand what it takes to be a professional soccer player and how they could be the future of soccer.

Black Eagles build a professional environment with UEFA A and UEFA B licensed coaches with years of professional European experience in soccer. At Black Eagles, the European soccer standards make the standards.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact 1.437.996.5390