Soccer Academy

Soccer Academy in Mississauga

Black Eagles Academy’s soccer program retains wide recognition by developing student-athletes within an atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else in Mississauga and the GTA. From a training methodology on individual programs and development to team strategies and academic schedules, every young player has access and opportunities to ensure they’re supported throughout their carrier. 

Our soccer academy in Mississauga provides different programs to national and professional league. Black Eagles’ total athletic development model and support system provide the young athletes with an opportunity and platform to reach their potential and achieve success in football

Soccer Program Structure

Black Eagles soccer academy program is structured across different months of training in a long term development model. The young-athletes are introduced to the highest level of club leagues and competition/tournaments play. Black Eagles soccer academy in Mississauga is built around our Black Eagles Academy Soccer Performance Plan which optimizes the development process by combining expert coaching with an annual competition that centers the individual growth both in technical aspects and personal development. We also offer a football training program for girls. It is focused on learning and developing in terms of technical skills but also gaining a good foundation of fitness and training.

Our soccer academy program has defined age-specific workloads and training programs to ensure that student-athletes have a clear understanding of progress and maximize their potential. Training includes team field sessions with an emphasis on decision making. Also, it is important to mention the tactical game management, defending, and transition. 

Our programs have defined concepts for attacking, defending and transition. As well as set plays and systems of play that are executed in every team. 

Black Eagles soccer programs and performance plan are built around periodization principles in a couple of weeks that include the mentioned development aspects:

  • Individual training
  • Team training
  • Strength training
  • Athletic & Personal Development
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Mental Conditioning
  • Leadership Development
  • Nutrition Training
  • Athlete Management System

Why Black Eagles Academy?

Black Eagles Academy offers a wide range of innovative, state of the art programs that meet all interests and playing skills/abilities of all players and teams. We focus on helping our players to achieve their long and short term goals soccer wise. We train our players to understand what it takes to be a professional soccer player and how they could be the future of soccer.

Black Eagles build a professional environment with UEFA A and UEFA B licensed coaches with years of professional European experience in soccer. At Black Eagles the European soccer standards make the standards.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact 1.437.996.5390