The most important skill to learn in soccer is definitely how to kick a soccer ball. The whole point of a soccer game is to be able to pass the ball perfectly to your teammates and shoot it as accurately as possible behind the net. Black Eagle is going to give you the best tips for beginners. 

What most players are thinking before the kick

Before you kick the ball, if you have time you must take a few seconds to think where you want the ball to go and how you are going to kick it. If you ask a kid what he thinks before kicking the ball he is gonna say “I don’t know, I’m just going to hit it as powerful as possible. If you want to better yourself you must relax and know exactly how to kick the ball and sooner you are going to take perfect free kicks like Messi and give accurate passes like Pirlo. 

 10 Best Ways How to Kick a Soccer Ball

  1. Set the ball up for your dominant foot. If you are ready to take a free-kick you must prepare to kick the ball with the stronger foot to have the best results. Otherwise, if you are in a different scenario in the middle of a game while dribbling you need to push the ball forward so you can kick it with the stronger foot.
  2. Plant your non-kicking foot next to the ball. In order to get the best results while kicking the ball, you need to provide support for the stronger foot by placing the non-kicking foot next to the ball.
  3. Look Up. Before taking your kick you must analyze all the surroundings for example where your teammates and opponents are. The other thing that you have to do is to decide where you want the ball to go.
  4. Look at the Ball. In a freekick it is important to know how to place the ball the right way and also you have to look at the ball or else you might miss it or shoot it badly.
  5. Swing your arms. Swinging your arms can improve your shooting skill because it helps to balance your body and a good posture can increase the shooting power. 
  6. Bend your body slightly forward. Do not forget to bend your body a little when you kick the ball. By bending a little you activate most of your muscles and increase the chances to make a better kick. 
  7. Bring back your kicking leg. In order to provide as much shooting angle to the dominant foot, you must bring your dominant foot closer to the ball by bending a little your non-kicking foot. 
  8. Lock your ankle. While you get ready to strike and bring your leg back to gain power you must keep your leg firm as you shoot the ball.
  9. Shot. After following all the other steps this is the time you have been waiting. Use the inside of your foot to make passes or you can hit the ball in between the laces and your toes. Do not hesitate just go for it before you run out of time. 
  10. Follow up on your shot. Even after you make your shot the job isn’t done. You must follow up on your shot putting pressure on your opponents and why not score with a second opportunity. Do not give up that easily.

5 Advanced Ways to Kick the Soccer Ball

  1. The Long Ball. Let’s say you are in a game and you do not have any teammates closer to you but you see one of them running on the side unmarked. The best way to make this pass is to kick the soccer ball at the lowest point so the ball could go over the opponent’s heads through the air to your teammate’s feet.
  2. The Curve Ball. This the most used advance shot to get around the wall and the keeper in a freekick. David Beckham was one of the notable players that made the curve ball. To execute the curve ball you need to hit the soccer ball with the interior of your foot and with the right angle you can give it a good amount of power and that perfect curve and spin all the players seek.
  3. Outside of the Foot. There are many players that have fascinated us with this technique scoring wonderful goals. Quaresma while playing for Portugal has scored many goals like this and by watching them we have a lot to learn. Noticeable is that while performing a kick with the exterior of their foot the player usually lands with their standing foot again instead of landing on their kicking foot.
  4. The Chip Shot. The chip shot too is another shooting technique that is used only on special occasions like when you are one on one with the goalkeeper. To perform this move you must kick the ball on its underside and barley follow-through.    
  5. The Toe Punt. The toe punt is the rarest technique used because you sacrifice a lot of your accuracy for speed. To perform this technique you must shoot with the tip of your boot and it’s recommended only for short distances or when you do not have time to take another shot but just to get the ball far from the opponent.


As all the best players and coaches tell us, the most important thing to do to be one of the elite players is a lot of hard work and practices. It wouldn’t mean a thing if you know in theory all those techniques but without putting the work and dedication into it, you will never perform better. So get a soccer ball right now and get outside and start to practice. Just get behind a wall and try different shooting techniques. There are many training drills to improve skills at home so you impress everyone back in the academy. Only with practice, you will be one of the best.

Why Black Eagles Academy?

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