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Soccer is the biggest and most-watched sport in the whole world. We often are fascinated by professional players and their skills. Every little kid’s dream is to be like their idol, but even those elite players like Messi or Ronaldo, come from humble beginnings. A great way to start is to learn how to juggle a soccer ball, here we are gonna learn 10 tips for beginners.

Benefits of Juggling a Soccer Ball

Juggling is usually considered a skill used only in freestyle games or tournaments to show off. But juggling isn’t just that, if you are able to juggle a soccer ball this can translate into the pitch as an asset because you have improved so many other things like ball control, first touch, confidence with the ball etc. Juggling is just an advanced way of pitch ball control. If you are able to control the ball in mid-air, it surely will be easy to control it in the ground. By learning how to juggle a soccer ball you will improve drastically the first touch on a real game so you can be faster to react. Also, another great benefit that comes because of juggling, is the confidence with the ball, the eye-foot coordination and mastering the ability to receive the ball in the air.

Before You Begin

Choose the right size soccer ball

Soccer is a game that is made to be played by everyone. This means that soccer is customizable for every age group. Before you start training, you will need to choose the perfect ball for your age and skill level. There are three main general outlines of ball sizes used in a soccer pitch.

  • Size 3. Is used mainly for children eight years old and younger
  • Size 4. Is used for youth from eight years old to twelve years old  
  • Size 5. Is used for grownups from thirteen years old or older

10 Best Soccer Juggling Tips

  • Train Consistently. If you want to be the best in anything the first thing you should do is to train and practice consistently. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and your soccer skills take time and dedication.
  • Drop the Ball On Your Foot and Catch to Start. Let’s start with an easy thing like dropping the ball and then kick it back up and try to make the ball go as straight as possible. Do this repeatedly until you feel comfortable enough to make three or four juggles in a row.  
  • Use Both Feet. Get out of your comfort zone. Beginner jugglers tend to use only the dominant foot. But as you start to get better this may be an obstacle because if you juggle with just one foot, you will get tired easily and lose the ball. Also, this way you do not strengthen the weak foot. 
  • Hit the Ball With the Right Part of Your Foot. If you want to be a good juggler like your favorite athlete this is a crucial step. You must hit the ball with the right part of your foot or else the ball will fly away in an unwanted direction. The best spot to hit the ball is with the bottom of your laces.
  • Do not inflate the ball at the maximum. Balls that are overinflated tend to bounce more and this makes them harder to control. To have the best result use a ball just a little bit underinflated so it’s easier for you to juggle.
  • Progress is Not Linear. On your way to becoming a professional player, you will have many ups and downs but don’t let this demotivate you. Progress is not linear, you may have a lot of days where you can perform like a pro and some others where you can’t make three juggles straight.
  • Don’t Kick Your Legs Up Too High. It’s not recommended to kick your legs up too high because the higher you go the less control you will have on the ball.  
  • Use the Insides of Your Feet. There are times where you start to lose control of the ball and you have to be quick to react and use the inside of your foot or the tops of your thighs which gives a lot of control.
  • Don’t Kick the Ball Too High. If you see closely how Messi juggles you will find out that he doesn’t kick the ball too high up but juggles it closer to his feet. This gives him better control over the ball.
  • Respect Your Record. One of the best ways to improve on every field is to set your own records and try to beat them. Yes, it’s good to be inspired by other more talented soccer players but do not compare yourself with someone who may have more years into it. So set your own records and try to bet them and improve yourself in the way.

Bonus Tip – Alternate between other parts of your body

Now that you have become a master of juggling the ball with your feet it’s time to challenge yourself and try to juggle the ball with your head or shoulder. Keep your neck relaxed and always keep your eyes fixed on the ball. After practicing juggling the ball it’s time to try and catch it with your feet and so on. Not that long after you train following these steps, the ball would not touch the ground one more time.

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