Soccer Training

How to Achieve Success in Football?

Would you like to reach your full potential as a football player? You will need more than great ambition and technical skills. To become a great football player and achieve success, you will need game intelligence, physical fitness and the proper mindset. 

But what exactly constitutes game technique, intelligence and physical fitness? What about the proper mindset? What soccer skills and drills are taught in Black Eagles soccer programs that can help you reach your full potential and achieve success in football?

In this article, we will break down the most important soccer skills that can help you with that.

  • Technique
  • Game Intelligence
  • Physical Fitness
  • Proper Mindset

Tip #1

Black Eagles Soccer Academy: High-performance soccer academies are boarding schools for elite, young soccer players designed to develop their skills. We prepare them to compete at a collegiate, semi-professional or professional level. The best academies not only have the connections and the know-how to help their players make it to the big leagues. Also, we take education seriously and prepare their students for success in football and all areas of life.


Usually, technique is the most visible and obvious element to success in football. Even an amateur football player can recognize a good technique. Do they have good ball control? Are they fast, and still have the ball at their feet? Can they dribble? Or, do they pass to feet?

A good technique has 4 key elements:

  1. Ball Control
  2. Dribbling Skills
  3. Passing accuracy
  4. Body control

Tip #2

Improving technique is a question of hours practice. And specifically repetitive drills. However, playing in a friendly scrimmage may not be the best way to improve these techniques. Instead, football players should practice drills targeting each specific skill until they perfect it. 

Game intelligence

The ability to smart decisions is what measures game intelligence. Keeping the game as clean as possible is the aim of every smart game that players tend to do. The purpose of this is to minimize the energy expenditure while maximizing results. Essentially, game intelligence means playing smarter and not harder.

Game intelligence comprises 3 skills:

  1. Spatial awareness
  2. Tactical knowledge
  3. Risk assessment

Tip #3

One way to improve spatial awareness is to watch a lot of football. And that means paying attention to more than just the ball, you’ll have to watch the position of all the players on the field. Try to anticipate their positioning and passes. 

Physical fitness

Physical fitness is another essential component to achieve success in football. Balance and physical strength are what footballers need to have in addition to endurance and speed. These are vital to defending the ball, shoot, passing the ball and winning balls. 

Physical fitness comprises 4 essential elements:

  1. Endurance
  2. Balance and coordination
  3. Speed
  4. Strength and power

Proper mindset

Proper mindset is the final key to achieving success in soccer. Footballers have to put all their heart and soul into their sport in order to really achieve success. That being said, such passion sometimes can result in devastation after defeat. However, to achieve success in football, players need to find a balance between being passionate and maintaining composure and demonstrating resilience. 

Proper mindset comprises 4 core traits:

  • Passion and love for the sport
  • Composure and mental strength – it can help players to:

Perform well under pressure; Accept defeat; Deal with unnecessary aggression from the other team; Accept rejection and persevere.

  • Coachability
  • Self-motivation

Why Black Eagles Academy?

Black Eagles Academy offers a wide range of innovative, state of the art programs that meet all interests and playing skills/abilities of all players and teams. In addition, we focus on helping our players to achieve their long and short term goals soccer wise. We train our players to understand what it takes to be a professional soccer player and how they could be the future of soccer.

Black Eagles build a professional environment with UEFA A and UEFA B licensed coaches with years of professional European experience in soccer. At Black Eagles, the European soccer standards make the standards.

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