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Black Eagles Academy offers a soccer kids program specifically for kids, both boys and girls, ages 6 to 8 years old. This special program we call Skills & Drills for kidsWe are aware of the many talented and enthusiastic kids/players looking for the best environment to grow their skills.

This program’s objective is to provide your children with more advanced and comprehensive training experience. This is done by focusing on individual skills and small group play. This soccer kids program is designed as an excellent introduction to club soccer. It also acts as a stepping stone to the Academy program and Adult Waiver program.

Skills & Drills for kids participants, practice together in a pool system, where all players will be split into balanced teams for games. Each team will have a professional coach during both practice and games. Every player wears our Black Eagles Academy uniform.


Practices will be held 3 times a week… Each practice lasts 1.5 hours. The main focus of this training program is: ball control, dribbling, passing, defending and shooting.  At this age, the most important skills to learn are 1v1 attacking and defending, so expect from us to be the primary focus.

Individual Technical Skills:

  • Fast Footwork and Passing
  • Shooting, Heading & Receiving under Pressure
  • Combination Plays, Creativity with the Ball
  • Tactical and Team Play

Principles of Attack:

  • 1v1 Attack, Support, Off-Ball Movement

Principles of Defense:

  • Pressure, Cover, Balance

Reading the Field:

  • Vision and Anticipation

Positional Play:

  • Individual Tactical Responsibilities

In addition, all players are taught the psychological elements of the game. Including here match preparation, practice habits and different game situations. 

Youth Soccer Drill: The Defensive Run-Down For Soccer Kids

A defensive run-down is a drill that is practiced to test both offensive and defensive players. The defensive player practices recovery maneuvers and clearing the ball. At the same time, the offensive player works on speed while dribbling under pressure.


  • Two players(one defensive and one offensive) and a ball are to stand close to the midfield line. Usually, there’s enough room for 3 players to be involved at once. 
  • On your first whistle the offensive player dibbles at high speed.
  • Blow the whistle again once the offensive player has a several yard head start. This signals the defensive player to attempt running down the offensive player. Also, he attempts to get ahead and clear the ball to the outside.
  • The offensive player must keep the ball underfoot control. No long dribbling is permitted.
  • A shot may be taken inside the penalty area if the offensive player eludes the defender.

Once a defensive player has kicked the ball away or the offensive player takes a shot, the drill ends and players may then line up to repeat the exercise.

Why Black Eagles Academy?

Black Eagles Academy offers a wide range of innovative, state of the art programs that meet all interests and playing skills/abilities of all players and teams. We focus on helping our players to achieve their long and short term goals soccer wise. We train our players to understand what it takes to be a professional soccer player and how they could be the future of soccer.

Black Eagles build a professional environment with UEFA A and UEFA B licensed coaches with years of professional European experience in soccer. At Black Eagles the European soccer standards make the standards.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact 1.437.996.5390