Soccer Skills

Best Ways To Improve New Soccer Players

As a sports parent, all we want for our kids is to learn while having fun in what they do. If they enjoy being new soccer players of course we want to do well. We want the best for our soccer beginners. However, it doesn’t mean they have to be the best in everything they do. But we want them to have the opportunity to learn what is needed. We want them to try their best as soccer beginners. Only in this way they will go forward and build healthy habits.

Technical soccer training the right way

Usually, players are either getting exercise or they’re getting training. Exercise is easier and most comfortable. Training is actually doing a method that will help build skills using different parts of the feet controlling the ball. 

Players who are just rushing through a drill are oftentimes doing it the wrong way. Losing valuable touches it’s not the real problem, but you need to get enough of the right stuff. You can get like 1000 touches but still, even a corny trick or too much basic the player will lose out. 

7 things to teach all soccer beginners

Whether you are new to soccer as a youth or adult the same important things should be taught. We recommend starting from here: Understanding Soccer Positions. However, here I have listed the most important things to learn for beginners.

Learning the rules of the game:

Obviously it is one of the most important things. But what’s important also is that players should know the team rules. Respect the others and the coach always. Be the best listener you can be and work hard. Don’t forget to have fun!

Common rules of the game are, no hands unless you are the goalkeeper. Even though at younger ages 3-6 they don’t use a goalkeeper. But then, choosing which way to go is something that kids have a hard time with.  Working your hardest and also having fun should be a rule too.

Then there are the common things that happen every game like throw-ins and goal kicks, that should be explained to the kids. It is important to explain to them so they don’t feel stress during the game on what to do. You don’t have to yell things at them during the game because for them it can be stressful. 


This means making short touches with your feet. You can get down the field or get away from defenders. Getting lots of touches in a small space is the best way to improve. After getting these touches the next step for new soccer players is to get used to dribbling 10-30 yards away. Usually, most of the new soccer players are going to use only the inside of their foot. So there are drills that can quickly improve your control and skills, simply by forcing the feet to touch the ball. They will show great improvement in just 2 hours of training if players learn the right way.

Passing Stationary. It’s done by using the inside of your foot. But it must be understood that not all kids can get this down right away. Usually, half of the kids can be more natural at kicking with the top of the foot or the toe. The other half will use the inside. That is something that can be learned with practice, so be patients and don’t get on them about it.


It is what new soccer players, actually, all players are going to do more than any other skill. The ball is going to come to you whether it is from your teammate or from your opponent. So learning how to trap is vital when you play soccer. This is called your first touch. However, you could explain to a younger player that it is stopping the ball.  In this simple way, they will understand what trapping is. One of the best drills is to partner up players and get 3-7 yards apart. They will be working on passing and trapping the ball. 

Shooting / Long Pass:

This could be the hardest thing to teach to new soccer players when there is a team. It will not be easy, but this has to be at least introduced. That’s because there are so many details in a shooting. First, there are many different ways to kick the ball and secondly, there are so many details in the mechanics. The important thing is that with practice it will come, but remember that it takes patience, practice and time. 


Keeping your body between the person you are guarding or the ball. This is also called “Goal Side”. The purpose is to go between the player who is dribbling and to the goal. So practice doing 1 vs 1 from different angles, parts of the field. 


As long as they are trying to do well, everyone deserves to be encouraged, even if they mess up. Starting from the new soccer players to the older ones, it will help them believe in themselves and learn much faster. They already know they messed up, so it is important for them to know that it’s okay and to focus on the next one. They need to be reminded that with practice and time they will eventually get it.

Why Black Eagles Academy?

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