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5 Football Training Drills to Improve Skills at Home

Researches indicate that a child has to perform a skill 75 times before they actually begin to learn it. So as you can imagine, mastering this skill becomes much later and much harder. This is why for the children to get as much as possible touches of the ball, it is so important and gets us back to the point when we tend to say that practice makes perfect. 

Of course, group coaching sessions are a key factor in players learning and growth. However, as we always explain to the younger players and the parents, it is not enough just one or two coaching sessions per week and expecting to be an accomplished player. To take the skills to a new level it must dedicate their time and effort also outside of the coaching sessions. Whether that be in the park with friends, or at home with Mom and Dad. Kicking the ball against the living room door or at the backyard. Any of the above-mentioned activities would definitely affect positively and develop the player’s soccer ability.

 However, we tend to ask some questions to the players regarding this matter.

  • The first is the specificity. Does the practice hold significance for the young players?
  • Then, is time. Although we understand that the kids have other interests and commitments outside soccer, therefore it is important to use the time given to the game.
  • The third one is enjoyment. An important, if not the most important factor to consider is a person’s motivation to play the game of soccer. 
  • The last one is accessibility. What facilities, tools and equipment are available to players.

The skills:

1. Fast Feet

  • Place the ball in between your feet with your legs and shoulder apart.
  • Slightly bend your knees.
  • Knock the ball in between your feet as fast as you can.

2. Triangles

  • Start with the ball slightly in front of you.
  • Drag the ball back with the sole of your right foot at and angle so your legs are apart.
  • Pass the ball across to your left foot. By using the instep of your right.
  • Pass the ball forward at an angle with your left foot.

3. Drag-Push

  • The ball starts in front of you. Drag the ball using the sole of your foot.
  • Then push the ball forward at a slight angle. Use your laces.
  • Stop the ball with the other sole of your foot and pull the ball back.
  • Push it forward again at a slight angle. Continue this process.

4. Inside-Outside

  • Start with the ball in front of you.
  • Play the ball side-wards. You can do it with the instep of one foot.
  • With the other foot play the ball in the same direction.
  • Then use the inside of the foot to pass the ball back.
  • With the other foot play the ball in the same direction. But with the outside of the foot.
  • Use the inside of the same foot. And continue to exercise.

5. Fast Feet(Step over)

  • Knock the ball in between your feet as fast as you can.
  • Once the ball has hit the inside of your right foot and then left foot perform a step over while the ball is moving.
  • Once your foot reaches outside of the ball again perform and repeat the process with the left foot.
  • Find a rhythm and make sure you are on the right foot.

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